Milton Public Library
Phone: (905) 875-2665
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Floor Plan
Exterior View from the Corner of Main Street and Thompson Road
Exterior View From Parking Lot
Lobby Entrance from MinMaxx Hall
Main Floor Tour
Self Check Out, Children’s Computers, & Information Desk
Circulation Desk
Self Check Out Stations
Main Floor Tour
Main Floor Information Desk
Children’s Computer Area
Children’s Area
Watson and Associates Children’s Program Room
Bandura Fireside Lounge
Bandura Fireside Lounge
Bandura Fireside Lounge
Main Floor Seating
Children’s Area
Staircase to the Second Floor, Self Hold Pick Up, & Entry to the Audiovisual Area
Second Floor Tour
Second Floor Information Desk
Second Floor Seating and Public Computer Stations
Public Computer Stations and Nonfiction
Teen Area
Whitehead Lookout Lounge
Laptop Lounge Overlooking Thompson Road
Second Floor Seating
Flint Computer Lab
Scandlan/Leeds Group Study Room
Beatty Silent Study Room
Exterior View of Library Including the Bookdrop Turnaround Drive
Produced by David Watkins Photography